The Best Love Song for Your Sign

One of the most beautiful and hard elements of being human is romantic love. It does "take two"—the challenge is keeping them on track. 

This flaming sign doesn't like Air Supply, so don't play Barry (Manilow) for them—Baby White will do great with champagne and chocolates. 


Tauruses are loyal and own their love partners (in your imagination). Taurus, Venus, the goddess of love, possesses you, making you a superb mate. 


Everything you've read about your sign says you're fickle. However, not quite. Laughter may make you loyal like a Taurus. Not as hard as it seems. 


Your sign is known for many things, but you're known for your unmatched ability to convey love. 


Each sign loves and treats their partner differently. But you, Leo, see love as a great, noble, exquisite gift—the best and truest thing anybody can give. 


Virgo, What's Simple is True (Jewel) reflects your lovely attitude to love and everything else. It's a tribute to your simple lifestyle.



Libra, your goal in all things romantic is to discover the ideal person, get them to know you, and then romance them better than anyone else.


Say "sexy" to any bunch of astrologers, and they all say "Scorpio." Any love song you relate with must have sensual words and tempo. 


Sag without rest. Always yours. Therefore, you choose few love tunes. They should show 1) your individuality and 2) your secret longing to join the right adventurer.


Your sign's symbol, the Mountain Goat, can safely traverse any ridge, signifying its thirst for risk. In romance, you plan and consider your dangers.

I'm Real by Jennifer Lopez is the perfect tune for your sign, and you should hand-deliver it to your first crush. The key is one line: "See what you get.



Pisces, the most sensitive, empathetic, and warm-hearted water sign, display compassion (sometimes too much). Love songs are hard to chose since you've felt them all.

Stay tuned for developments.