The 5 zodiac signs most likely to damage relationships

Relationship preservation is challenging. In fact, they are rarely flowery. Maintaining a relationship needs effort and dedication. 

Aries are wild and impulsive in many aspects of life, including relationships. 


They lack permanent relationships because they seek novelty and new experiences.

Geminis are fickle and unstable, like their personalities.


Geminis are lone wolves that seek adventure and unpredictability, which makes them unsuitable partners. 

Blatant, impetuous, and rude. Because they prefer short-term connections, Sagittarians avoid partnerships at any costs. 


They lack self-confidence, which may drive their spouses crazy and emotionally exhausted.


Pisceans, one of the most sociable signs, prioritize their own emotional needs.

They are superstitious and can't manage real-life problems. This is why they will be one of the first to dump you if they date.

However, some people are just not meant to be together. Astrologers can identify relationship-breakers.

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