Stress on zodiac signs part 2

Everyone gets stressed, but not everyone handles it well. Some use yoga and meditation to relax, while others express their emotions.

Natural leaders, Aries are courageous. Brag about being strong and independent. They want to lead and win. Overcommitting and feeling like they're failing themselves and others causes conflict. 


Practical Taurus. Responsible for lives and money. Trustworthy. Strive for first-time success. Like mules, they resist major changes like moving or changing occupations. Change bothers them. 


Smartest are Geminis. Open-minded, they suggest ideas. Fresh eyes and doing what they enjoy may help them feel in control. Smart and restless, they enjoy personal and professional challenges. 


Cancerians are sensitive. Loyalty lasts till death. This group is tenacious. Their fragile heart feels everything. They turn toxic when hurt or fooled with and talk and act inappropriately. 


Leos are creative and love their work. The luxury of their lives and their moods are extraordinary. Their day determines their generosity or cruelty. They adore power and govern everything. 


Analytical and practical, Virgos work hard. They are nice because they respect others and identify with the unjustly suffering. They fix problems for others, but they can't solve their own. 



Libras are sensible, fair-minded, and gregarious. Kind, patient, and unconstrained characterize them. Bullies are one of their few worries. They hate injustice and strife more. 


Passionate Scorpios are most mysterious. Loves, works, and interests. They can conceal emotions. Their sensitivity isn't understood. People stress them out by crossing boundaries due to misperception. 


The charitable Sagittarians have lofty aspirations. They're friendly yet nervous. Following others' rules causes stress. As independents, they like to work without limits.


Disciplined Capricorns. Generous and ambitious. They're thrilled. They separate from people they don't like. They never settle and expect much. They stress about meeting high criteria. 

Gentle Aquariuses hate useless arguments and speak up. Perceptive, empathic, and self-sufficient, they attain their goals. Since they're positive and don't dominate, they listen well. 



Creative Pisceans always create. The most sensitive Pisces are lovely, intriguing, and dreamy. Every error worries them, and their family, friends, and relationship should be in order. 

Stay tuned for developments.