Soulmate Searching with Astrology

You're more likely to find "the one." the more places and individuals you encounter. To improve your chances, astrology can reveal your compatibility and where they hang out.

Aquarius' volatility will keep you on edge, ensuring your connection never dries out. Find these free spirits in coffee shops, political rallies, or supporting their causes.


Virgos are your great match at financial clubs. Earth signs are thrifty like you. Your local gym may have one because they value fitness. You must start since they're shy.


Libra is your Air sign. Political conversations, book groups, and education inspire these thinkers. You may spot one at a party since they like mingling. 


Romantic Pisces is your perfect match. Both Water signs experience the world via their emotions. Look for your Pisces at a meditation retreat, beach, or new age bookstore.


Find a fun-loving Sagittarius, your fiery match, in a travel club or cruise. You're likely to meet since you both want to socialize. If you keep doing what comes naturally, you'll meet.


Tauruses form good partnerships. These sensuous souls love gourmet cooking lessons and wine trips. Foodies love sampling fresh produce at farmers markets.



Find the most interesting conversationalist at your next art gallery opening. That talkative Gemini may be your match. Sit next to them and make a ridiculous show comment.


Find your Capricorn match at a networking club. He or she will take names and work the floor. Make an introduction and exchange business cards.


Be the center of attention at your next party. Your partner may be an amusing Leo. Leos like school trips and after-school programs with their children.


Scorpios will solve mysteries at your city's mystery supper club as different characters. Also interested in human psychology, they attend self-help or soul-searching workshops.

Your take-charge Aries usually leads a business or group. YMCAs and explorers' groups are fantastic locations to find them because they're adventure sports fans.



As your watery buddy Cancers feels at home, attend as many neighborhood and block festivities as feasible. Search near-by events! Secondhand homebodies cheap.

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