Some can't forget their ex. Because of the zodiac signs.

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking. Sleeping memories of sadness. Loving someone and not breaking up hurts. Losing spouse, forgetting pain.

More than any other zodiac sign, Aries remembers ex-partners. More essential than reuniting is their heavy nostalgia.


Finicky Hard-core Taureans. Taurus express they seek commitment. Remembering an ex-partner is hard with trust and understanding.


The future is uncertain for Geminis. They experiment and are intrigued. Their confidence in their decision makes ending their connection difficult. 


Cancers are sentimental. Devoted lovers, they don't inform their wives. Terminating their connection is sad. 


Strong personalities describe Leos. Ex-relationships don't bother them. However, you may be mistaken. Strong and carefree Leo is gentle. 


Virgos are perfectionists. They make good life decisions and choose their friends. Virgos seek to improve their relationships forever. 



Loyal Libras are passionate. They always desire long-term relationships. They ensure their partner is one they can spend forever with.


Scorpio love plenty. Excellent LOVE and relationship care. That might explain ex-lover reminders. Love complicates ex-breakups.


Sagittarians are more adventurous, thus you and your ex-partner had unique adventures. You may not get over them because of this.


Clever Capricorns. Being selfish, they talk, act, and think. Realistically, you broke up. Regret may avoid breakups. 

Free-spirited Aquarians. They abhor rule yet want absolute power. Since they have little control, Aquarians cry a lot when relationships fail. 



Naturally, Pisceans dream. Unrealistic ambitions make forgetting ex difficult. Friends, their soulmates. Former lovers annoy Pisces.

Stay tuned for developments.