September 2023: Every Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day

September 2023 seems to clear the air, revealing the truth. Clearer things return. You feel empowered to act, strategize, and seize plenty.

This month is about fighting and resisting. Accepting reality, embracing freedom, and letting your best ambitions propel you is a magnificent return to your inner self.


Jupiter's retrograde in Taurus wakes your self-sector, teaching you wealth. Jupiter retrograde helps you face life's problems without punishment.


In words, life begins. Effective communicators talk and listen separately. Venus retrograde in Leo reinforced your message since you appreciated it.  


Late September 2023 Aries Your workplace wakes up to Full Moon. The Aries North Node arrived here, reminding you that life is more than you think. 


Jump and shout from rooftops. It took self-reflection to let go of previous ambitions to seek new ones this year. Knowing yourself and your goals changes everything.


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus activates your luck and abundance sector in September 2023, helping you find what you need to succeed, fulfill, and live.



Although you prefer to think logically, you should follow your intuition to guarantee your career is fulfilling a higher purpose.


Asteroid Vesta represents your inner purpose. On September 13, 2023, it enters Cancer, boosting luck and plenty and self-knowledge. 


Venus retrograde in Leo has been in your region of luck and abundance, offering knowledge and making you think about your life choices.


The September 14 New Moon in Virgo activates your luck and abundance zone, ready you for a great start. Virgo represents healing, preparation, and details. 

You want lighter things after a long Venus retrograde in Leo. As an air sign, you require expansiveness to connect with yourself and find solutions.



September 2023 Aries Money comes with Full Moon. The Aries rule money and self-esteem. The North Node is ready to develop, helping you focus on goals. 

Stay tuned for developments.