Romantic zodiac signs rated most to least

Romantics are few. All we want is a caring partner to surprise us with a candlelight lunch or roses across the room. Zodiac signs are listed from most to least romantic.

You aspire for a dreamy partnership where your love is. You adore romance and want to be the most romantic companion to your mate. 


You intensely love. You like to flaunt your affection for your lover. Love inspires romantic acts. Romance is almost tough to resist in your enthusiasm.


You go all out to adore "the one." Instead, you pour rose petals on your partner to make them feel special. Romantic even if your partner disagrees.


You're regarded as the mysterious person who likes being alone, yet you desire someone who makes you feel great. Your partner should comprehend your enthusiasm and sensitivity. 


The most sympathetic and sensitive zodiac sign, you focus on emotions. No major romantic gesture is needed, but if your partner desires passion, you will.


Another emotionally charged zodiac sign, you want nothing more than to please your lover. In a meaningful, committed relationship, you need emotional connection. 



In love, you're reckless! That means going above and above for your mate. Your grand gesture will please them and keep your relationship alive.


You love the spotlight, but you don't show it. Love unexpected gifts like tickets to a famous gallery or your favorite meals. Impress your partner with compliments or romantic dinners.


Though busy, you make time for your lover, making you a cheesy zodiac sign. As an old-school romantic, you get tons of kisses and compliments for your old-school methods.


Though you enjoy romance, you're self-centered. You like adventures and going out. Making time for a relationship and romantic gestures might be too much.

Social butterfly, you're afraid of what others think, thus romance isn't in your novels. You're too impulsive to commit to one person, so romantic gestures are usually pointless.



If romance implies intelligent chats, fine. You despise corny, romantic stuff to please your mate. You are sensitive and committed to ‘the one’ but not a romantic.

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