Right Window Coverings for Each Zodiac Sign

Your astrological sign informs your personality and home décor. Every zodiac sign likes different styles, colors.

The ram represents Aries' power and drive, making them energetic and competitive. Aries' daring style suits our Stone Gray organic-cotton Pleated Shades.


Taureans are strong, trustworthy, and creative and love peaceful places with subtle noises and textures.


Geminis are eloquent yet indecisive. This air sign would complement our dramatic but versatile Cool Lavender Pleated Shades.


Water cardinal Cancers are perceptive and emotional. Cancers' homes will seem ethereal with our simple yet exquisite Flat Roman Shades in Natural Belgian Flax Linen.


Lion symbolizes Leo for a reason. Due to its boldness and attention-grabbing nature, Leos will love our stylish Grommet Drapes.


Practical and hardworking, Virgo is generally portrayed by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, reflecting its materialistic nature. 



Libras love basic, symmetrical designs because they value balance and harmony. Our basic Euro Pleat Drapes are the right blend of modern and simple style.


Scorpios are passionate and strong, sometimes misunderstood for fire signs. Scorpio is a water sign. 


Last fire sign Sagittarians are represented by the archer. Extroverted and optimistic,


Capricorns, the final earth sign, prefer classic decor due to their independence and self-discipline. 

Aquarians, the most humanitarian sign, are creative and powerful. 



Intelligence and empathy describe Pisces, an artistic and compassionate water sign. We think most Pisces would like our modern.

Stay tuned for developments.