Ranking zodiac signs by sleep quality

Some zodiac signs sleep well every night, while others toss and turn. What do they have that you don't? Check out the zodiac signs that get the most sleep to see where you fall:

This sign, ruled by dreamy Neptune, may easily escape reality every night and have problems leaving their confectionary-hued fantasy world in the morning.


As with everything else in their life, Capricorn views sleep as a tournament, knowing how many cycles of REM sleep they need to wake up rejuvenated.


The moon rules Cancerians, who can fall asleep when they feel cherished and cared for by their loved ones or a cozy throw pillow.


Taureans have the perfect nightly regimen for times when sleep eludes them. Check: white noise machine, aromatherapy candle, zillion-thread-count bedsheet.


Libras love balance, so they send a good night text with the right number of emojis, check their diary, and turn off from reality at a decent time to let their dream world take over.


Life is hard when you know everyone's secrets. Scorpios may try, but the mental fatigue from maintaining the group discussion usually makes them fall asleep each night.



Aquarians think about saving the earth daily and run the program again to enhance it. Their brain is ready to shut down by midnight and relax before the next day after mental training.


If only their brain wasn't ripping itself up over that one minor event during the day that didn't go as planned, Virgo would have discovered out how to get eight hours of sleep.


Aries are a go-go sign whose mental space is a runaway train consuming everything in its path. A restful sleep sounds nice, but they'll sleep when they're dead.


Being the best at everything is taxing, and a Leo would click snooze when they fell asleep if their brain didn't relive their best memories.

A good night's sleep is hit or miss for this sign. They either sleep for twelve hours or stay up all night to frantically Google which moisturiser contains snail semen.



Sagittarians shouldn't close the curtains at 10pm to avoid the beautiful universe. Like the red-eye, they watch Adam Sandler against their better judgment and sleep with their eyelids closed at breakfast.

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