Ranking the Most Jealous Zodiac Signs

Resentment, rage, disillusionment, distrust, and paranoia can result from jealousy. If the feeling isn't handled effectively, it might lead to negative behavior that harms others.

Less jealous than Gemini. People from this sign are intellectual, inquisitive, and dual-personality. Since everyone is different, Geminis don't feel intimidated. They can succeed on their own.


Second-least jealous Aquarius. Under this sign, innovators are born. Due of their lack of traditional values, they seldom feel frightened or envious. Aquarians risk and think independently.


Third-least jealous Pisces. The symbol is delicate, creative, and caring. Caregiver confidence reduces envy. Family, Pisces flatter. Value the good above competition instead of envying.


Sagittarius ranks ninth in jealousy. The optimistic, free-spirited, and adventurous are born under this sign. They take things in stride and don't let small issues bother them.


Most jealous is Capricorn 8th. This sign dreams and works hard. Self-controlled, they don't worry. Efficiency-driven Capricorns prioritize job goals above jealousy.


Most jealous is Virgo (7th). This symbol works hard and perfects. Self-critical perfectionists. Their relationships aren't jealous. Loyal and trusting, they rarely worry about outside threats.



Libra is sixth most jealous. People born under this sign are balanced, harmonious, and diplomatic. Libras dread conflict and will do anything to avoid it. Avoiding jealousy is their goal.


The Aries jealousy. Aries require relationships to be accepted. Lack of care, neglect, and replacement hurt Aries' fragile egos. Their spouse cheating disgusts them.


Fourth most jealous is Taurus. The possessive sign is stubborn. Relationships are devoted and overprotective. Taureans distrust anybody who catches their eye. 


The third-jealous Leo. Their confidence and independence are fueled by jealousy of desertion and betrayal. Hyperactive Leos. They wish for attention and dread being ignored.  

Cancer is second-most jealous. Since Cancer is one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, they are envious. They may feel frightened and uneasy if their partner or close pals focus on someone else.



Judas Scorpio is the most jealous. Anything may make them envious. Scorpios are envious of partners and friends' success. They have powerful, seething emotions. 

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