Pride-Inspired Nail Art for Your Zodiac Sign

Pride month gives numerous reasons to celebrate, LGBTQ+ or not. Nail art is a unique way to show your enthusiasm all month, or save these ideas.

These nails empower you to be yourself and independent. Rhinestones, butterflies, and flames will empower Aries to live fully.


Taurus, you have the biggest heart, therefore these beautiful iridescent nails will call to you.


You're dualistic, so these two-tone rainbow nails are great. This nail art can let you show your true self throughout pride month. 


Every 80s and 90s kid understands that Care Bears radiate kindness, like you. You'll feel comfortable wearing this heart-protecting nail art.


You adore the spotlight, therefore 3D nail art will help you shine. Your rainbow decal and jelly manicure will show off your pride.


You prefer nail art structure. This linear, strategic, and practical outfit may be worn during pride month.



This horizontal ombré nail art will help you achieve balance and harmony this month. Chrome shine makes it a standout item on its own.


Love is love. This nail art isn't fancy, but it's a statement during pride month. 


You always see the bright side, thus this charming nail painting will brighten your day with sunlight and happiness. 


You adore accomplishment, and celebrating equality and love is the best. Check that box with colorful checkerboard nails.

These nails will inspire you to be a rockstar and crazy. This classy, trendy, and contemporary look lets you be the real you everyone loves.



Since you have a great imagination, this 3D nail art will let you express yourself. Each nail is embellished with pearls and charms.

Stay tuned for developments.