Part 2: Zodiac signs' biggest fears

We all have life issues. Some keep us awake all night. A tarot card expert explains what troubles your zodiac sign, possibly causing dark circles.

Aries constantly suspect others are concealing information. They even believe someone is after them.


Taurus typically has restless nights about past disappointments. It might be a relationship or job experience.


Most Geminis have been betrayed several times. They keep thinking about that reckless guy.


Cancerians make ambitious aims. They become concerned when they fail to meet such aims.


Leos frequently second-guess themselves after taking any kind of action. Particularly the ones that didn't work out.


Manipulation of others is something many Virgos worry about all the time. This stops their head from wandering.



Many Virgos consider methods to control others. Their mind is active.Librans overthink their financial decisions. Failure anxiety keeps them awake at night.


Scorpios frequently sleepy because they dread being seen their weaknesses. They wish to hide their depression risk.


Sagittarians worry that they may lose their independence to others around them. They must maintain their autonomy at all costs.


Capricorns keep themselves occupied by contemplating the results of their actions. This is only going to cause them further anxiety.

Negative thoughts usually keep them up. Aquarius can feel captive and dominated by a demon. They dread liberty loss.



Financial worries keep Pisces up at night. Their mind is constantly thinking about methods to make more money.

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