Part 2: Most Aggressive Zodiac Signs

Ineffective aggression! Remain calm in a heated situation. Big breaths and thought before responding. It keeps peace and gives you time to discover a good answer. 

Libra, the least terrifying sign, is graceful and can talk oneself out of any problem. They are quiet and seldom fly off the handle. It prefers talking than acting out physically or emotionally. 


Despite being pushed too far, Pisces will defend their views. If necessary, they will fight anybody and always support the underdog. Pisces are reserved, yet they may be aggressive when aroused. 


Cancer is the third-least aggressive indication. Their kindness and care for others are usual. Cancers are perceptive and may notice poor air quality. They want peaceful solutions to conflict. 


Virgos are passive-aggressive and vent their dissatisfaction with caustic remarks. Their idea of aggression is entirely stranger than conflict.


Aggression ranks Aquarius sixth. Aquarians are headstrong and hard to control. Though aloof, they may be passionate once decided. Incited, Aquarians can battle for their convictions.


Who knows which side Geminis will receive. They may snap at times and be patient others. Unpredictable Geminis behave. One day, they may avoid fighting. Then they can punch. 



Intimidated Capricorns fight. Despite worry, Capricorns are loyal and trustworthy and will do anything for their family. Though aggressive, Capricorns may achieve with energy and drive. 


Scorpios are intense and might become aggressive when threatened. They will fight for justice and just cause if it means being violent. Scorpios also stand firm in their ideas.


Independent, daring, and outspoken Sagittarians. So they're not frightened to speak up. Because they dislike being told what to do, they may be violent to maintain their independence.


Tauruses' tempers can sometimes lead to overreaction. In heated situations, they might be impetuous. Taureans are proud of their reputation and would protect it if necessary.

Leos conquer their goals with unmatched fire. Usually polite. Cross them and they'll escalate. Scared or angered Leos may explain aggressively. Keep Leo's lion emblem. 



Aries are forceful and volatile. Their rage is intense when contested. Aries are polite yet aggressive when they stand up for their beliefs.

Stay tuned for developments.