Night clutches for your zodiac sign

It might be challenging for the novice to choose an event-ready clutch purse from every design house's best items. Don't worry—we've selected clutch purses for each zodiac sign to help you choose.

For the fire-breathing Aries, the Alexander McQueen Victorian Jewel Knuckle Clutch showcases the brand's skull pattern on brass knuckles on top of a bejeweled kiss-lock bag, giving it a sexual edge.


Taurus wanting modest elegance. Bottega's Intrecciato leather weave and silver knot close the Minaudiere. Bottega's Certificate of Craft guarantees it for life.


Kate Spade's What The Shell Ocean Scene Resin Clutch, inspired by the Gemini zodiac sign, is a gorgeous diorama of a seashore with seashells, diamante sparkles, and a subtle Kate Spade charm.


Sincerity, passion, and loving warmth define Cancerians' loyalty. Cancers' capacity to form lifelong ties makes them easy to identify with. However, if they suspect your motives, Cancers will retreat and defend themselves.


Since their reputations precede them, Leos require no introduction. This fire sign is brave and bold, preferring to be first and constantly the center of attention.


The ultimate person would be a Virgo. Virgos are the most hardworking of the signs, paying close attention to detail and always exceeding expectations.



Libras desire balance in all areas, avoiding inattention or overwork. Your sense of just justice makes you seek harmony and fairness. Since you like diplomacy, you're also great at addressing conflicts.


Scorpios are alluring and mysterious, making them some of the most intriguing people you'll meet. They might be difficult to understand if you're not used to their easy composure.


Known as eternal sunlight, Sagittarians are insatiably curious about the universe. Their need for knowledge makes the world their playground, making every day a new experience.


Capricorns' tolerance for hardship is unrivaled. They work hard and play the long game to succeed. Keeping intimate ties, they appreciate genuineness above flattery.

Aquariuses are stylish. You and your tribe are trailblazers who aren't afraid to try new things and will try your own route if you can't find one that works for you.



Signs before pieces share their life experiences. Thus, you may be more aware of your own and others' emotions, giving you a unique perspective on the world.

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