Most impatient to calmest zodiac signs

Each zodiac sign has a varied threshold for patience. Some burst when they notice anything wrong, while others stay quiet as if they have reached Nirvana.

Mars rules Aries, who never take anything from anybody. Aries are the most impatient star sign since Mars, their ruling planet, is the commander planet.


Taurus, an earth sign ruled by Venus, is patient if they don't have to work. They may charge you if you disagree with them.


Dualistic Geminis. They're restless and unsure when. Their divided thinking may confound them, thus patience and irritation are always on the verge.


Moon-ruled Cancerians value harmony. Cancer patients are revered for their peace. They avoid conflict by being patient and calm.


Leo's way or the highway is mine. Since Leo is dominated by The Sun, they don't like waiting. Leos are fire signs again and are notoriously impatient.


Mercury oversees earth, so Virgo plans and analyzes. If things go awry or someone criticizes their approach, Virgos may lose it. Unaware, they'll lose it.



Libras are charming and people-pleasers, so they are tolerant with others. Though they disagree with the circumstances, they desire peace.


Scorpios might be patient or ragey, so don't pursue them. Scorpios keep things to themselves, so you may never realize when they're losing their cool.


Sagittarius is impatient and seeks rapid fixes. Sagittarius is the second most impatient sign after Aries, although its haste can make it forget things.


Saturn rules Earthly Capricorn. Not meeting expectations saps their patience. Capricorns may draw you down before you pull them down.

Aquariuses desire to decide for themselves. The Aquarius decides patience. Patients may be the most or vice versa.



Pisces are said to be empathetic and good listeners. Pisces is one of the calmest signs. They overcome issues easily due to their love and patience.

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