Most Compatible and Most Troublesome Zodiac Signs

Aries has strengths and weaknesses like other zodiac signs. Aries are immature, impetuous, and self-centered but vivacious, amusing, and courageous. 

The fixed earth sign Taurus is semi-sextile to Aries, which makes it uneasy. Preferring to live slowly and absorb knowledge via all five senses, 


If they're willing to view the world through each other's eyes, Aries can assist Taurus break out of ruts and Taurus can teach Aries how to slow down and be more present.


They'll take unexpected road trips, attend their favorite team's game, or arrange a party their complete social circle will want to attend.


Cancer, the cardinal water sign, and Aries are square, three signs apart, making them a difficult or ideal activating angle. 


Leo, the fixed fire sign, and Aries are trine, four signs apart, which is typically amicable. 


The changeable earth sign Virgo and Aries produce an unpleasant, puzzling angle five signs apart. Virgo overthinks and is sensitive, whereas Aries is impulsive and competitive.



Libra opposes Aries, the cardinal air sign, six signs distant. This pair will feel like they're speaking different languages or sides of the same coin.


Scorpio seeks great closeness, commitment, and change, whereas Aries is cheerful, playful, youthful, and immature in love. 


Sag, the changeable fire sign, is trine to Aries, four signs apart, creating one of the zodiac's most natural, enjoyable, well-matched couples.


Saturn rules Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, three signs from Aries, producing a square, one of the zodiac's tensest yet most active angles.

The fixed air sign Aquarius is two signs from Aries, forming a cordial sextile or easygoing relationship. 



Mutable water sign Pisces is semisextile to cardinal fire sign Aries, which may be problematic.

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