Marriage issues by zodiac sign

We conclude one chapter when we find our spouse, lover, soulmate, or twin flame. Selected buddy starts new trip. Some walkers agree, others disagree. HOW to balance our relationship?

Be honest with your partner. Treasured moments. Aries, your partnership is deepening. After dropping your shield, magical closeness helps you understand yourself and your connection.


Before caring for others in a relationship, take care of yourself. Do you have H.A.L.T? Break from your present concentration and focus on self-care. 


Self-inventory with a neutral mind is essential today. Hurt your partner or swore unknowingly? Take responsibility and fix it to strengthen your relationship. 


When include your spouse in your hopes and aspirations, remember that you are not alone and have a significant relationship. Closeness teaches you numerous spiritual truths.  


Your Leo energy—creativity, bigness, and protection—is what you adore. You discover you don't have to accomplish everything alone when your brilliance wakes. 


You must embrace reality, Virgo. Free yourself from needing to know how your spouse should respond to your desires and wants.



Libras are evolving. Nobody recognizes you anymore. Now is between then and then. As you change, so will your relationship; keep your partner informed. Thus, this change.


Do you solely consider what you know? If so, let down your guard and see beyond it.


Breathe deeply and concentrate your delight. Time to reconnect with nature. Your relationship has completed a cycle. Enjoy your connections, curves, and bends. 


Your couple may focus on creating beautiful surroundings, entertaining people, and spending peaceful, loving times. The body, mind, and spirit are balanced.

Treat your time as a gift. Stop multitasking, checking your phone, planning your next sentence, and other things that prevent you from connecting. 



There are times when you appreciate loss, suffering, and a broken heart. Yes, you should focus on anything other than grief or loss.

Stay tuned for developments.