Lucky Plants for Your Zodiac Sign part 2

The zodiac-sign fortunate plants are intriguing. Learning the zodiac signs' lucky plants would be fascinating. These plants grow, heal, balance, and inspire. These fortunate plants will offer you luck like jewels.

The fiery Mars controls Aries. Go-getters, Aries are magnetic. Red, bitter, and fiery Aries lucky plants. Aries favors calendula, red flowers, cayenne, coriander, red clover, sarsaparilla, etc.


Earth sign Taurus is tenacious. For their beauty and devotion, they like every flowering plant. Greens like spinach, lavender, and mint are Taurus lucky.


Geminis speak clearly and quickly. Lavender, chrysanthemums, orchids, endive, carrots, lilac, mullein, licorice, lily of the valley, fennel, dill, and lobelia are lucky for Gemini.


Moon controls Water-sign Cancer. Lucky plants are near water sources and water-rich. Mint, broccoli, daisies, water lilies, lemon balm, and white roses help cancer.


Leo is Sun-ruled. Lucky for Leos are heart-shaped leaves. This sign favors chamomile, Chinese cabbage, maize, marigold, sunflower, dahlia, borage, saffron, and rosemary.


Mercury rules Earth signs. Virgo loves plants with finely divided leaves and stems, cute, perky blossoms, and a subtle scent. Dill, blackberry, violet, and aster are Virgo lucky plants.



Venus rules Libra, an Air sign. Libras adore all fragrant flowers. This sign is lucky for broccoli, eggplant, apple, olive, spinach, peas, daisy, juniper, mint, thyme, and yarrow.


Mars and Pluto dominate Water-sign Scorpio. Scorpios beckons. Aloe, pennyroyal, chives, mushroom, peppers, mustard, radish, and rhododendron suit Scorpios.


Jupiter control this Fire sign. They are energetic, curious, and willing to explore new things. This sign favours olive, asparagus, rhubarb, tomato, carnations, dandelion, and mint.


Saturn controls Capricorn. It's optimistic, conservative, determined, practical, and helpful. Beet, rye, spinach, African violet, jasmine, pansy, sarsaparilla, lucky bamboo, rue, and shepherd's purse support this sign.

Uranus rules Air sign quarius. Aquarians benefit from nerve-calming and blood-circulating herbs. This sign favors parsnip, chamomile, passionflower, hops, Aloe Vera, spinach, cloves, and catnip.



Jupiter regulates Pisces.Our antimicrobial plants like this group. Lucerne, rhubarb, anise, lilac, poppy, clematis, mushroom, water lily, beet, tomato, jasmine, wisteria, goldenseal, eyebright are fortunate.

Stay tuned for developments.