Love Horoscope August 23, 2023

Since Mercury retrograde begun, reexamine some things. When your relationship grows, stand back. Today shows you what you want in a long-term love.


Taurus is strong but delicate and needs trust. Mercury retrograde at home and family encourages relying on loved ones for self-esteem and self-confidence.


Gemini, relive a previous conversation. If Mercury retrograde begins in your communication area, you may revisit a confusing discussion.


Cancer, evaluate your money. Mercury retrograde frequently improves finances. Talk to your husband about finances today.


Mercury retrograde in your sign today may help you assess this year and decide what to do next. Today, gain ideas from intriguing discussions or occurrences.


Virgo, Mercury retrograde might bring back an ex who knows you're not right. You may hope for better and worry about what-ifs in the coming weeks.



Remembering why you broke up with an ex is easier with good pals. Share your need for help and compassion with others now. 


Today you learn why self-esteem is so vital in dating and finding 'the one.' Not everyone deserves you. 


Sagittarius, you naturally express yourself and desire to be heard. You're the group's love and life expert today. You express relational issues. 


The reason someone ended your relationship may never be known. Move forward and develop a stable life now. 

Developing love and commitment takes time. Today is your time to reconcile. Honest communication with your relationship during Mercury retrograde rebuilds trust.



You become a habit and cling to a powerful practice that gives you more life control. Leo Mercury retrograde makes you more guarded and secretive.

Stay tuned for developments.