Least to Most Abusive Star Signs

This rating surprises you? Do not worry—we'll explain why we rated these Zodiacs below.

Capricorns don't argue and please. Capricorn seldom manipulates. To Capricorn, everything sticks. Overthinkers may be depressed. Capricorn is the mildest.

. Capricorn

Libra desires world harmony and balance. They strive to avoid damage and seek harmony. Libras can be passive-aggressive but rarely do. Libras avoid anger and seek pleasure. 


These inhabitants prefer to forgive and forget rather fight back, obtain revenge, or keep a grudge. Pisces may become catty or passive-aggressive, but that's their worst abuse.


Geminis fantasize about fighting, narrating, or creating a scene. But Geminis also consider ignoring, ghosting, or ignoring the individual. They'll switch sides forever or until it's too late to act.


Cancers examine water. Energy and mood are assessed for emotional refocus. They strike arbitrarily because they can't act or be. Cancers try to please, but emotions interfere.


Since they are wisest and most capable, Aquarius must over-explain or oversee. Without guilt, they may be inconsiderate and insulting. Aquarius's smarts make emotional abuse riskier.



Natives are superior and don't laugh or hear. Superego. Bad days for Sagittarius are nightmares. They'll overdemand, say unpleasant things, and criticize others to feel better and recover control.


Crossing Scorpio will wreck your life—they adore violence. Scorpio delights in being mistreated since they may be nasty and vengeful. Scorpio loves conflict. Scorpios fight psychologically and physically.


Need master planner? Plan everything, including cruelty, Virgos. Mad Virgos can achieve anything. Inner anxieties effect others most. Virgos destroy, not win.


Impatience and ego make Leos beasts. Wrath is Leo's emotional instability. They act rashly and damage property or hurt people. Angered, they're dangerous and unreasonable. 

Angry, disappointed, and humiliated Taurus is brainless. Thoughtless, they act. Taurus prefers physical over verbal assault. Arousing these lethal bulls unleashes them.



Emotional and physical violence kills Aries. A landslide win is desired. Beat, bruise, and bleed your opponents to win. Scary Aries consume on impulse yet enjoy the destruction and agony. 

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