Kissing Style by Zodiac Sign

Sit up! Scorpios kiss deeply and long, whereas Geminis kiss lightly.

Forceful, energetic, and powerful... Mars, the fiery ruler of Aries, knows how to heat things up. Aries may turn all that burning red energy into a scorching kiss.


Taurus' leisurely, sensuous, and stable relationships last longer. Their touch—the way they brush their palm across yours to signal the kiss—is another aspect.


Colorful, fast, and mysterious Gemini stays. You must first get their attention. Method: Look first. First, wink or grin, then be witty and charming.


Before approaching Cancer, assess your home or ask someone to be brutally honest about its mood. If it helps people feel snug in your kitchen, great.


Imagine being on 'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette.' Imagine waiting in line to see whether you receive the rose. It's like that to woo a Leo.


Virgo hates filth, disarray, and chaos, so assist them prepare for the ideal kiss. 



Love Libra. Their life is gratifying their partner. Sorry, they want their friend to survive to please them. Proclaiming your desire to settle is excellent for a partner-oriented animal. 


Scorpios can only be described as passionate, at any time, anywhere. They love whatever they do.


Sagittarians always want more, especially kisses. So a Sag kiss may be easy to get. But make it memorable because you'll have many rivals.


Capricorns are hard to love, but it's doable. It will take longer. Horn your goat early so you can work them up to the kiss. 

Aquarians are quirky and proud, yet they're average in relationships. They'd never say it, but they throw swiftly until 'The Real Thing' arrives.



Pisces decide whether to allow you near by how comfortable they are with physical intimacy, which starts with how you smell.

Stay tuned for developments.