Most to Least Happy Zodiac Signs.

Waking up in a good attitude and feeling the sun on your face and drinking coffee may make you feel like a significant work win. 

The eternal optimist Sagittarius leads. Sagittariuses are happiest of 12. Their living energy and laid-back social approach attract good sensations, food, and experiences. 


Leo ranks second in happiness. The astrological lions, Leos are proud. This self-confidence renders them unflappable to life's challenges. 


Aries, another fire sign, ranks third in happiness. Aries are fiery, yet their emotions make them joyful and angry. 


Librans are the most social, making friends for everything. Being nice and emotionally stable helps people notice things. 


Though one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, Pisces let negativity wash over them. They value fun, playfulness, and brevity.


They're on during Geminis. Dualistic emotions are turbulent. This makes them less competitive than optimistic or emotionally stable indications



Tauruses are in the midst of the happy signs. Tauruses love beauty and may create a lovely home. 


Cancers are emotional and dwell on unpleasant feelings, unlike Pisces. This might cause moodiness that hinders happiness. 


Aquariuses follow their own directions. They're imaginative and innovative. Despite their uniqueness, they sometimes struggle to connect with others. 


Clinical and frigid, Virgos. Reason and analysis make them useful zodiac members. Their need to be flawless may cause mood swings.

Scorpios are sullen and aloof, thus they're hardly the happiest zodiac signs. Being introverted and closed off might be harmful.



Being the least cheerful zodiac sign doesn't mean they're constantly sad! Capricorns may find joy, but it's hard. 

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