How your zodiac sign sees life

Paths are obscure and difficult. Natural to struggle. This is life, but hard to acknowledge. You interpret happiness, sadness, effort, and ease. 

Mars rules action-oriented Aries. You act without thinking, often impulsively. You will be honest and sometimes nasty about what you think. 


You regularly talk about changing things but aren't ready to. You fantasize of changing but prefer your comfort zone. 


Twins Geminis have different life perspectives. You'll be joyful even when bad. Your optimistic outlook always recognizes the good in life.


Moon-ruled and crab-characterized emotional Cancers are pleased in their imaginations. So emotions shape your view of life. 


Fire signs are smart, brave, and warm. Leo naturally leads the zodiac. Most people think you're all about self-esteem and objectives, but you're actually quite generous.


Life planning and big-picture thinking are Virgo skills. Your perfectionism may cause conflict with friends and family when things don't suit your expectations.



Libra loves a beautiful existence, ruled by Venus. Nobody can criticize Librans for daydreaming. You look confident, yet you have insecurities.


Scorpio is highly emotional. You may appear prickly due to your exterior shell, however this is not true! Deep thoughts, feelings, and life perception.


You don't need a guide since you recognize opportunities others don't. One of two people sees the glass as half-full or half-empty.


Saturn rules Capricorns. You value order and enjoy rules, hierarchies, and procedures. Your objectives are lofty. You like organization in life. 

Nobody beats Aquarius. The big picture and linkages others miss are theirs. Because you believe you can change the world, you will. 



Pisces have strong gut responses and profound feelings. You assess people and situations from the inside, but it doesn't imply you're illogical.

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