How your zodiac sign flirts

It's art to flirt! Nobody can disagree. Flirters are commendable. You can tell they like you by subtle or overt indications.

As an extrovert, you flirt if you like someone. However, you like to tease and wait till the other person approaches. 


Your flirting is generally introverted. You're more likely to gaze at your crush than tell them you like them. 


Investigate your crush before approaching. Stalking their social media profiles. Being prepared gives you brownie points while flirting.


You'll flirt with them because family is everything. You're compassionate and sensitive, and learning about others' families comforts you.


Your efforts to obtain someone will be lavish. Flirting for you means planning a penthouse dinner or opera night. 


You love details, especially in relationships, so you'll want to learn everything. You'll observe their every move to approach them.



You're tough. You'll keep going till accepted. Make silly jokes to get their attention. After flirting, you'll compete for attention.


When someone is mysterious, you'll like flirting with them. Prepare your analysis of that individual before approaching them. 


Your flirting is relaxed. You will flirt with the person and indicate your desire in continuing. 


Being flirty and eager to talk relaxes you quickly. Though serious, you can be fun. Still, you can be insecure.

Your bar, restaurant, or café approach will always be first. Initially, you'll flirt with them to become friends, then maybe more. 



Hiding your emotions is the last step to expressing them. You will flirt immediately if someone catches your attention. 

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