How you treat your partner, according to your zodiac sign

Do loved ones give butterflies? Does thinking about them make you flutter? Many believe love may take us back to childhood. It gets us excited but weird.

Aries, you're brazen around your crush. Your confidence and willingness to say what you mean make you stand out from others.


Taurus, you'll talk or eat with your crush. Your talk seems obsessive, but you love food. Hope your admirer shares your interests.


As players, Geminis flirt with others when they like someone. It's more confidence than anxiety. Your reply must be processed.


Cancers are emotional and sensitive. Your crush scares you because of that. Opening up to them seems strange.


Leos enjoy your charm. Share your crush. You love dancing and playing games with your partner because you like challenges and attention.


Virgo, you're meticulous around the person you like. You're more likely to clean up or fight over mistakes.



Libra, give all in love. Not ‘maybe’ for you makes the process unique. Love your crush so much you overlook everything and pamper them.


Scorpios love deeply but can't express it. When you like someone, you observe silently. Although you have plenty to say, you lack courage.


Sagittarius loves adventure. You joke about with everyone, even your crush, and seldom take yourself seriously. Cheating on your sweetheart is fun. 


Capricorn, your crush is calm. Being reasonable, you treat your crush like everyone else. They may be learning or slow.

Aquarius, your crush will isolate you. Although discussing your crush is difficult, you prefer isolation and feel more safe.



Help, Pisces. Maintain your infatuation and travel softly. Avoid relationships and decisions without knowing your crush's sentiments.

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