How well does your zodiac sign keep promises?

Big or tiny, promises are holiest. Promises may be prioritized or perceived differently. Some love it till death, others until the next big one.

Leos and Aries are impetuous. Taking pledges seriously. With zeal, people give more than they can. Allegiance vows are Arian. 


Tauruses are easy. Not breaking commitments is meaningless. Growth and progress are desired. For personal gain, they “negotiate”.


Major league Guests visit Geminis. They say anything sincere but forget it thereafter. A Gemini can maintain their pledge with your aid. 


Cancerians want comfort. They never pledge to violate their zone, but they would do everything for their family and home. 


Self-image is crucial for lions. Decisions are based on how others view them. They are trustworthy because they care about their reputation. 


Always vigilant, Virgos. Anxious neurotics weigh all outcomes. Promises suggest they are taking their time and examining all options.



Libras are chatty and can't handle melancholy. Always promising to solve problems, they realize they may not be able to.


Scorpios boast yet lie. They need a lot of convincing to commit, but once they do, they strive hard to maintain their self-respect. 


Fantastic and common, sags. They expect to give you the moon and stars and are as disappointed as you when they don't. 


Realistic Capricorns are responsible. This prevents unrealistic promises. Practicality also makes individuals prioritize their issues. 

The Aquarians constantly put themselves first. They always keep commitments. Others are exceedingly unstable. Aquariuses hate being confined.



Fish Zodiac residents are imaginative like Sagittarians. Right after a mood change, people procrastinate before understanding the problem. 

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