How to seduce by zodiac sign

Determining how to attract someone by their zodiac sign may seem impossible, yet everyone's physical and mental composition makes them sexy. 

Given their first position in the zodiac, Aries like to win in the boudoir. Stir up their competitive spirit with some light role-playing and watch the sparks fly.


This earth sign needs to feel all their feelings to appreciate love. If you want to increase sexiness, blindfold them.


Gregarious Geminis might lose interest rapidly if not engaged. Start early with a few naughty texts during the day instead of waiting till home.


Passion drives this emotionally grounded sign in love. Before going to bed, have a romantic supper, mood lighting, and intimate conversation.


Minds move to hearts, inhibiting spontaneity in Leos. Design unique graphics that make people feel like your universe and enjoy them together to acquire theirs.


The cautious Virgo appreciates your night out plans. This may be travelling across town for childhood organic mushrooms or washing the sheets before bed.



Libra seek equilibrium—too much terrifies them. Celebrate their exquisite tastes with a spectacular supper and shopping spree. Fast and silent in the testing room.


Scorpio is intense and passionate, like to challenge control. Turn off the lights and let them drive to unleash their wild side—they will thank you.


New Sagittarius doesn't like routines. Instead of candles, camp and whisper love words into their ear while soaking in the fire.


Bedtime Capricorns are goal-oriented. Send provocative photos on their way home from work to set the tone for a fantastic night in to argue.

Consider Aquarius' mind before their body as they're fiery. Breathe and try new things—what worked for your ex won't work here.



A hopeless romantic, Pisces adores fairytales. Leave petals on the bedroom door or watch their favorite romcom to win them over in bed.

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