How to Decorate by Zodiac Sign

We interviewed fashionista and zodiac specialist Ana Alic about each sign's home décor preferences—see below!

Fire element Energy, bravery, and imagination define Aries. You are bold, determined, and zodiac pioneers. You get things done and are impulsive. 


Earthy Taurus is patient, structured, and meticulous. Bulls like Taurus are obstinate and don't appreciate sharing space. 


This daring air sign appreciates intelligence and communication. Everyone will be surprised by your individuality. You mix and mingle like no other sign.


Kind, creative, and passionate water signs love. The most caring and gentle sign, you love hosting friends. You like cozy locations. 


The drama, Leo! Dramatic signs include sparkle and glitter. Bold, compassionate, and loyal. Make your space attractive and bright. 


You are Earth's zodiac healer and helper. You teach us to appreciate health and serve the world! You love laptop work and are dedicated. 



Airy, attractive, and appealing sign. Libra is the hopeless romantic and loves balance and collaboration. You value peace, love, and harmony.


The most focused sign, water is a powerful natural force. Alchemy gives you the most spiritual and intuitive sign.


Sagittarius is the global traveler and dreamer. Sagittarians love to travel and are always seeking for a vacation. 


The zodiac's master planner, you adore objectives and accomplishing them. Capricorn, you can do everything you set your mind to. 

You are the mad scientist of signals and a natural humanitarian and futurist. You are open-minded, welcoming, and advocate freedom. 



The dreamy, creative zodiac sign is kind, observant, and insightful. Your best design colors are lavender, sea green, and dazzling yellow.

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