How likely is his zodiac sign to chase a woman?

The same as love. Some think it rude, while others believe it's the only way to win over others. Love philosophy and character affect marriage. 

The Aries guy follows his heart. Confident men of this sign think they can do anything. They're energetic and will do everything for attention.


Taurus is smart and social, but he doesn't want to work hard unless it will pay off. If he knows you're teasing him, he won't chase you. 


After stating you'll think about it, a Gemini guy may keep asking if you want to go out. He'll unfollow you and follow someone else if he loves them!


Cancer cannot resist following his heart. When he wants something, he works hard for it. They can't tolerate rejection. 


Leo pursues happily. He'll do anything if it boosts his self-esteem. He wants to show off, thus he favors a hard worker.


Virgos hate games in relationships. If he can read people, he won't chase you out of respect for you and himself if you're not interested.



Libra loves romance and pursuing his love. This sign analyzes pros and downsides well. If he loses interest, the mission ends.


Scorpio guys work hard, so don't play games with him if you're not interested. They'll keep going till they succeed.


An easygoing, spontaneous Sagittarius follows his gut. He feels there are enough women to date, therefore he doesn't try.


Zodiac's most ambitious sign. Capricorn is good at work but not love. He avoids uninteresting people out of rejection fear.

Those who like this sign must lead the relationship to expand. An Aquarius man is generally chilly and distant.



Free-spirited Pisces wants partnerships. He doesn't have time for love mind games, thus he won't pursue a disinterested person.

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