How each zodiac sign manages relationships

Man-woman relationships are difficult. Why? Since both lovers devote most of their needs—physical, financial, emotional, and all—in their romantic connection.

Action-oriented Mars controls Aries. The magnetic Aries. Their zeal attracts Aries. This sign enjoys solving issues but may be harsh on sensitive people.


Love and comfort Earth Venus governs Taurus. Bull in astrology. Taurus is THE most reliable. A steady, devoted connection is desired. 


Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Gemini. Geminis are twins with two personalities. They're great at language, charm, and humor.


Cancer Moon dominates Sun spiritually. Cancer changes moods like the Moon. Cancers gurgle and chuckle contagiously before retreating to their shells. 


Sun rules Leo. Energized Leos. Leo pride might hurt you, yet their vitality can attract them. You may be their best.


Practical Virgo is the most methodical. Virgo, like Gemini, is Mercury-ruled infidelity. They examine little items before attacking, delicately. 



Venus rules Libra, the scales sign. Librans dislike disagreement, thus they prefer compromise versus standing their stance. Good-natured and sulky. 


Mars controls Scorpio in India and Pluto in the West. Gazing into Scorpios' eyes may not break the charm. 


Jupiter rules plenty-loving Sagittarius. Happy Sagittarius eyes. Their lack of diplomacy causes them problems, despite their good intentions. 


Earthy Capricorns labor hard. Saturn rules Capricorn, who often experiences life setbacks. Family, tradition, and stability matter to them. 

Saturn rules airy Aquarius in Indian astrology and Uranus in western. Free-spirited Aquarians avoid confrontation in relationships. 



Jupiter rules Pisces, a water sign in Indian and western astrology. They are smart and dreamy, living in their own universe. 

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