How being born on a 'cusp' between zodiac signs affects you

Astrology argues that zodiac cusps are like Geminis, who have traits from two signs. This is one reason people think their zodiac sign doesn't suit. 

The cusp zodiac sign you are powerful. The bravery of an Aries plus the power of a Taurus make you a terrific leader. You work swiftly and easily without other Aries-Taurus cusps.


Your charm and power are Taurus and Gemini. You're like your friends—you don't know work breaks. Since you'll love it afterward, don't let your emotions interfere.


Being on this zodiac cusp makes you an excellent girlfriend. You're flirty and fun while single. Without affection and attention, you grow cranky.


This cusp adds drama with Cancer's sensitivity and Leo's flare. Small concerns are big deals, while small triumphs may be praised. Life is a wonderful party or a lonely night—no in-between.


You lead your tribe. Virgos are grounded, while Leos can be forceful and assertive, making you a grounded leader who can lead without overstepping.


Your Libra half makes you uncertain and your Virgo half close. This makes finding a spouse tough. Virgo's analytical mentality and Libra's loving character make you thoughtful. 



Although Libra's indecision might prohibit you from making swift judgments, Scorpio's precision compensates. Libra is charming on the brink of Scorpio's cynicism.


Scorpio passion and Sagittarius determination can do anything. Any assignment gets your full attention. Your work is never half-hearted.


You sit down and plan each step to reach your objective. You're a great planner. Your optimistic Sagitarrius side motivates you to move even when things appear bad. 


Most typical and distinctive zodiac sign is this cusp sign. Outgoing or recluse depends on your mood. Abstraction helps you see the larger picture when it comes to your goals.

This cusp increase surface sensitivity. You're a melancholy artist because Aquarius is introspective and Pisces is creative. You care about others and want a better world.



This cusp's compassion and strength help you achieve your goals without hurting others. Your ambitions serve others more than yourself. 

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