Home design for your zodiac sign

You may use your particular style to quickly and uniquely update your home decor. 

Although aggressive, arians might be used on the south side of the home in red. Bright yellow accents or a west-side wall will inspire creativity and discovery. Avoid fountains and mirrors on the east.


The kitchen is Taureans' favorite room because they love food and Venus rules them. Beds and seating shouldn't be placed in the east or south-west because the moon is in their sign.


This flexible twin sign appreciates clean, organized spaces with lots of storage. Choose high-quality statement items for each area over trinkets. Green home mirrors equilibrium.


Cancerians like calming colors and nostalgic decor at home. They prioritize saving for a good future, and a northeast bedroom is lucky. Lucky east-side home siding is red.


Traditional homes fit Leos' family and space. Photos, literature, ancestral art, and travel mementos will be displayed. Leos love yellow and orange parties with gold embellishments.


Symmetrical furnishings and empty walls won't work for this sign, who values precision and order. To avoid feeling incomplete, put sentimental items in every room. 



Venus rules artistic Libra. From expensive furniture to blended proportions and faultless symmetry, their home décor is always balanced. Beautiful things attract them.


Scorpion habitats must be elaborate. Designer home décor and unique objects appeal to this sign. Mars opposes it, therefore even a little space flaw may turn this water sign off. 


Very plain Sagittarians enjoy simple spaces. They don't enjoy breaching home décor norms, yet all colors work around them. They are uplifted by sunrise and sunset colors. 


Capricorns adore leather sofas, solid-wood chests, grandfather clocks, and complex carpets. Due to Saturn, they prefer deep blue to black. Choose grey and dazzling blue over gloomy. 

To honor their water sign, Aquarians love flowing furniture and décor. All home furnishings should be lightweight and mood-adaptable. The outcome is always tranquil. 



An adjacent breakfast nook to the dining table and a sofa beside a king-sized bed are all Pisceans need. Replace little items and furniture each season to give variation to the home.

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