First date ideas by zodiac sign

Dating is hardest when you decide what to do, not the awkward first kiss or conversation. Help if you're worried about a similar issue.

Let your date see your physical talents to show off your fiery and lively side, Aries. You may bowl or spend an evening in the gaming lounge.


You know a dinner date will work. Choose a restaurant with delicious food. If you both don't want to eat much, a fashionable high-end bar will do. 


Your date will want to talk nonstop. This suggests you need a quiet place to talk. A park picnic will help you bond while being active.


Poetry readings with your date show your feelings. Release your feelings. Share your feelings on your first date to express who you are. 


An interactive play is perfect for first dates. You'll date at the play. You can spend the night Instagramming funny moments with your date.


Instead of cliched romantic dates, attend a cooking class. It's one of the best methods to avoid first-time awkwardness and small conversation.



You boast positively. That vibe will show on your first date, a chic restaurant dinner. Perfect date: VIP bottles after dinner. 


Instead of a dull pub, take your date to a salsa club. Neither of you dances? Dance and gaze all night to establish relationship.


Amusement parks scare you most, yet you love adventure. Today will involve screaming on roller coasters, eating cotton candy, and flirting. 


You must go to a luxury happy hour because you're on a budget. You may discuss your personal and professional life over inexpensive martinis. 

Your only alternative is to ask your date to a party held by your buddy since you consider your crew family and trust their opinions.



Walking around a museum with your date excites your artistic side and provides you something to talk about. 

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