First date ideas by zodiac sign

The hardest aspect of dating is deciding what to do together, not the awkward first embrace or talk.

Let your date see your physical talents to show off your fiery and lively side, Aries.


You know a dinner date will work. Choose a restaurant with delicious food.


Your date will want to talk nonstop. This suggests you need a quiet place to talk. A park picnic can help you bond.


Show your emotions by taking your date to a poetry reading. Let your emotions out there. Let your date see your true feelings 


Interactive plays are great for first dates. You'll date at play. Your date can spend the night Instagramming amusing moments.


Cooking class instead of stereotypical romantic dates. One of the best ways to prevent first-time awkwardness and small talk



You boast positively. That vibe will show on your first date, a chic restaurant dinner. 


Take your companion to a salsa club instead of a dreary pub. What, neither of you can dance?


You adore adventure, and nothing is scarier than taking your date to an amusement park. 


You must attend a fancy happy hour on a budget. Over cheap martinis, discuss your personal and professional lives.

Since your crew is family and you trust their opinions, your only option is to invite your date to a friend's party. 



Walking around a museum with your date excites your artistic side and provides you something to talk about. 

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