Find your lucky car color by zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign has a power color! Aries is red, Libra pink. Color your automobile according to your personality. Check out these lucky car color suggestions before visiting the dealership.

Fiery Aries. The sign is fearless, adventurous, and ready for the next challenge. Because Mars rules this ‘go-getter’ attitude, vibrant red is excellent. Red represents vitality, movement, and purity.


As Venus, the planet of richness, rules your zodiac sign, a delicate green reflects that. Don't like green? Mauve and cream might complement your ‘calm and composed’ feel.


The active Gemini is continuously moving. White cars might be a peaceful respite from their busy lives. But since Geminis are diverse, blue and yellow will reveal their creativity.


Cancerians aren't flamboyant yet want to be heard. Cancers are sensitive and kind, thus silver is their finest color. They can balance their profound emotions with this airy hue.


Leo enjoys the spotlight because they can shine for everyone. Only bright, cheerful colors like gold may depict them because the sun rules them.


The earthy brown color evokes Virgo vigor. The earthy brown will ground Virgo. The peaceful chestnut automobile will remind this symbol to keep calm.



While they may not have road rage, Libras appreciate driving in luxury. They're tasteful and like harmony and balance. A calm, pleasant light blue gives them that feeling.


The mystery of Scorpios makes them both alluring and terrifying. What's wrong with a black automobile for a stylish Scorpio? Black is elegant but not garish. Scorpios may also hide in black.


Does orange bother adventurous Sagittarius? This symbol suits bright pink and orange. Color boosts their spontaneity and delight. This sign is strong with bright colors.


Ambitious, disciplined, and realistic, Capricorns are stable. Their traits require a practical color like earthy brown. Brown is a loving color they can trust!

Aquarians dominate social life, therefore a white automobile fits their style. When you arrive at the party in a white automobile, you establish your value.



Fantastical Pisces prefers the sky over Earth. Pisces, we love you without knowing your planet! Whether it's deep blue or delicate lavender, purple may boost intuition and creativity.

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