Financial Habits by Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac spends how? What would you purchase with 48 lottery hours? Taurus stores pricey wine in the cellar, Gemini shoes in the closet.

Everything in Aries' passionate palms is toys. Money is a terrific toy. The commercial claims it delivers what you desire fast, making it "priceless."


Quality or quantity? Many of us contemplate that for hours. However, your quality-conscious brain knows the answer: both.


Your Taurus neighbors want something special while you assemble. Most of your favorites. The saying "variety is the spice of life" never existed without Geminis. 


Home, kids, family. Your sign generally relates to those terms. When you feel that you haven't addressed such issues, which are rarely mentioned, you feel guilty. 


The best for royalty. Royal lion Leo. Lions on old coats of arms—why else? That implies you splurge on yourself and your family since Leo dominates you like royalty. 


You probably have a giant silver coin jar, a pence jar, a coffee can with cash, and a savings account. If you're superstitious, there may be a wrapped cash package.



Spending on yourself? Yes, but just for beauty products, treatments, and the latest clothes to keep your partner pleased and engaged.


You're intense for sure. It's been written about for centuries—astrologers don't need to tell you. That includes supermarket shopping and mutual fund investing.


Shakespeare said, "Here's the rub"—spending money is unfettered like everything else. No matter if it's in your hand, account, way next week, or for sale tomorrow. 


Separating yourself from your money isn't simple—it's never easy, since you rarely have an easy job. 

You've heard "impulse buyer." You've probably also realized that you and a few other indications are that kind.



You're mostly driven by emotions. To put it bluntly, impulsive buyers are a salesperson's dream.

Stay tuned for developments.