Each zodiac sign's mental health

Is your astrological sign one that stays levelheaded? The level of mental stability among the zodiac signs is ranked below.

Among the smartest zodiac signs. They know real-world operations. Their absence of frivolous activities prevents illusions, yet they miss out on pleasure.


Scorpios appear disturbed, yet they don't care what others think. They always want control and are aware of their thinking process.


Librans find balance in everything, therefore they are mindful of their emotional and mental energies. If they suspect a problem, they will seek a solution or go to the source.


Although insane, Saggis like having fun. They're interested and continuously thinking. Their views on everything differ. Problems should be explored and solved, not worried about.


Taurus love security and territory. This paranoia extends to their things and personal space. They operate well in stable situations. However, a single danger drives their fears wild.


Self-confidence shields Leos against mental health difficulties. If anything touches their ego, they are infamous for upsetting everything.



Aquarius is misunderstood as having problems despite their unique thinking. Humanitarians make work unpleasant. Assessing Aquarius mental health is difficult.


Despite knowing their complex emotional network, Pisces is infamous for illusions and dreams. Despite being lost in their own world, their emotional connection to others grounds them.


Aries wants to move quickly! Their job won't be subtle since they have no tolerance. Since they're always ready to fight and furious, we may keep them on the 9th level for mental stability.


Geminis have identification concerns but no personality illness. The beauty of them is that they put ego aside and invite trustworthy friends to help them find themselves.

Chaos bothers Virgo. If they can focus on research, they excel. Obsession might make it hard for them to focus in a complicated circumstance.



The Cancerians are always emotional. They have trouble separating and being practical. Cancerians distrust and conceal. They act fine despite emotional turbulence.

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