Each zodiac sign's bad-day demand

Downs and ups are life. Some days are wonderful and memorable, others frustrating. We may be exhausted and sad on bad days. Renew and focus for a fruitful day. 

Aries exercises after a bad day. Run, exercise, or play violent video games. They like venting. Reduce tension and their mood will improve soon.


Taurus knows that relaxing on hard days is best. The spa, full-body massage, or champagne hot bath are options. Once people relax, a bad day will pass.


Skilled at conversations and networking. Always consult a core Gemini group. A funny or engaging talk with friends will make them feel better on a bad day.


Emotional Cancers are sensitive. When troubled, they find it hard to converse. Just chat to a trustworthy loved one. Once they air their grievances, they'll feel lighter.


Leo, however bold and courageous, has terrible days. They benefit from hearing others praise them on such days. That reminds them they're 'amazing'!


Virgos handle hardship differently. They like to plan their day. They can't undo the negative things, but they can live well throughout their time.



A rough day makes Libras desire to stay alone. Their friends must realize they need a shoulder. Libras desire affirmation that they will succeed.


Scorpios may feel tempted to isolate themselves during difficult times. However, a Scorpio likes to go alone when they're upset.


Similar to Scorpios, Sagittariuses desire to escape a difficult day. They want to try new things, cleanse their brains, and be optimistic.


Capricorns stress themselves and have unpleasant days regularly. Reminding them of their accomplishments helps lift their spirits on such days.

When an Aquarius is having a bad day, talk to them about international events. This reminds them the world is greater than their problems.



On difficult days, Pisces don't hesitate to face their feelings, but they prepare alone. Checking up on them is the greatest thing for them.

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