Each zodiac sign dating expectations 

Dates vary. From our idea of relationships and love, we expect roses or a sorrowful journey. Uncertainty. By analyzing personalities, astrology may explain relationships. 

Their companion is always exploring. Because fights never endure, people expect hot makeout sessions. They seek to manage the relationship without consulting their partner.


Inflexible, they only bond with their partner they desire. Romantic gestures dominate love, yet they disregard other aspects. Only love will determine their fate.


They're too impulsive to stay in a relationship. They always talk about something new. They never make promises, so their spouse feels abandoned.


After two dates, they prepare. Nobody wants to be this ahead in a new relationship, terrifying their spouse. They delve too deep before falling in love.


They are self-centered and make their spouse feel uneasy and uncared for. Their lover will seldom see them due to their busy schedule.


This sign opens with their partner's effort. Due of their criticism, their spouse doesn't like them. Even with good intentions, they hurt others with sarcasm.



The social butterfly, their partner may expect many parties. They adore big romantic gestures and being with their sweetheart. Every relationship is a fantasy.


Possessiveness and manipulation dominate. They will force their spouse to follow their tastes and ignore their feelings. They'll disappear for days before returning.


They adore traveling while ignoring their relationship. Their casual dating upsets their partner. Opening slowly, this symbol opposes seriousness.


They're workaholics who don't date. In a relationship, they may appear haughty and heartless and hesitate to convey their feelings.

They vary in personality, from loving to aloof. This sign falls apart when their spouse needs them most, which may be emotionally taxing. 



Emotional and sensitive. The spouse can't talk without crying. It may make their spouse weep to feel bad about fighting or speaking concerns. 

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