Dress for Your Zodiac Sign

Your sun sign reflects your actual self to the world. Sun signs seem to match your traits.

Warriors' zeal and resolve drive Aries men. While everyone follows the mob, they lead bravely. 


Taurians are powerful and simple. You're stylish but need comfort. You like shape and function and have a great fashion sense. 


Geminis thrive on cerebral stimulation and love adventure over anything else. Every season refreshes your closet. 


Cancerians are hopeless romantics who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Sensitive and successful affect your appearance. 


A Leo always draws attention! When introducing oneself, you aim for drama. Self-esteem and leadership help you dress for the occasion.


A Virgo man expects order everywhere. Well-organized closets are magic. You meticulously tuck your shirt or shape your beard.



You love vintage collections, especially hatke ones. The wild child in you always choose royalty.


You have a unique style. You always use a few favorites. A charismatic presentation commands attention and respect.


You're a goofy with a great sense of humor, and your style reflects this. You need cleaner, more fitting clothes.


You constantly dress to succeed and impress. Functional dressing is your speciality since you know what to wear when. 

Always dress to achieve and impress. Functional dressing is your specialty since you know when to wear what.



Flaunting everything lets you wear anything. Your wardrobe reveals your wisdom beyond your years.

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