Discover your zodiac sign's soulmate age.

When will your partner discover you? Your zodiac sign may predict this remarkable event, according to Vedic astrology. Planets in Dasha matchharts. Mercury, Jup transit and natal citer, Mars, Venus get along.

Aries behave rashly. Between 22 and 28, they fall in love. Their marriage stinks. No one likes remaining put. Honest Aries don't care. 


Taurus rules and battle. People find soulmates at 30–32. Reliable and useful. Amazing patient and endurance. Loyal Taurus buddies. Their union works.


Geminis experience mood swings and split personalities. Restless, diplomatic, and ambitious. They flirt and have affairs by nature.


Their emotions are strong and they love their home and family. You can readily predict their marriage. Their soulmate appears in their 20s. 


Leos are empathic, compassionate, sincere, forthright, and authoritative. Money makes them lucky and proud. Love makes them possessive, passionate, and faithful. 


Virgos are analytical. They are not easily persuaded. They find their love between 24 and 28. Their marriage is average.



Libras act and think decisively. They are foresighted and intuitive. They have many acquaintances and pals. They find their love between 26 and 31.


Scorpions are driven and independent. They are magnetic and adaptable. They find their love between 25 and 30. 


They are impetuous, eager, and determined. Because they speak up, they make enemies. Friendly and sociable. They find their love between 27 and 30. 


Mentally powerful, resolute, and independent in whatever they do. In addition to working, they think. They are sometimes misconstrued due to their moodiness. 

Aquarians are oversensitive and easily wounded. They often lose control and say or do things they regret. Despite being outgoing, they are lonely. 



They are kind, generous, and compassionate. They're loyal to friends or anybody they trust. All jobs and duties are usually successful. 

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