Daily sitting creates deep buttocks, belly fat, and other issues.

Over half of people sit more than 6 hours a day. Many don't realize this harmless hobby is deadly. Sitting may darken your butt and tummy and harm your health over time.

Too much sitting weakens legs and glutes.

All-day sitting doesn't require your lower body. Not using it will atrophy and weaken your lower body. Leg and buttock instability increases workout injury risk.

Gain weight

Workouts produce lipoprotein lipase, which digests fat and sugar. The study discovered that sitting and inactivity lower these chemicals, which may reduce body fat. 

Back, hip, shoulder, and neck discomfort

Sitting affects hips, back, legs, and buttocks. Ergonomic chairs decrease hip flexor and back pain from inappropriate seated. Poor sitting posture degenerates spine discs and causes pain.

Depression and anxiety

Besides physical effects, sitting all day has unknown mental effects. Sedentary people have depression and anxiety. Sitting all day may negate exercise's mental health benefits.

Cancer risk

Sitting increases the risk of lung, uterus, and colon cancers, according to recent studies. The cause of this relationship is unknown.

Heart disease

Heart aches sitting. 23 hours of TV a week killed 64% more men from cardiovascular disease than 11 hours. Researchers say sitting raises heart attack and stroke risk 147%.

Diabetes Risk

Sedentary people have a 112% higher risk of diabetes. Five days of bed rest increased insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes, in a study.

Varicose veins

Sitting causes leg varicose veins. Although unattractive, bulging veins are harmless. Vasodilation seldom clots.

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