Conditions That Can Cause Belly Fat

Lack of exercise, poor nutrition, high refined carb and sugar intake, or heredity might cause belly fat.


An adrenal gland that doesn't generate enough hormones causes Addison's disease. Cortisol and aldosterone are glucocorticoids. 

The lethal disease affects all ages and genders. Liver fat fuels glucocorticoids. Relieves stress. Such hormone deficiencies cause abdominal obesity.

Hernia abdominal

Abdominal hernias arise when organs or fat impinge on a weak abdominal wall. The abdominal wall possesses strong rib-to-groin fibers and tendons. 

Your abdomen may be weak, causing groin, belly button, upper thigh, or stomach hernias. Ancillary hernias press intestines against abdomen. Required surgery.


Regardless of disease, women must menopause. Fertility ceases. Opioids inhibit oestrogen and progesterone. Weight gain, insomnia, and heat are symptoms.

Estrogen determines women's fat distribution. Most belly fat accumulates when this hormone output decreases. This causes harmful menopausal belly fat.

The Cushing's syndrome

Hypercortisolism is Cushing's syndrome. This condition stems from sustained elevated cortisol levels. This disease is usually curable. 

it causes disarray. Treatment usually works for this disease. However, chronic conditions can cause lifelong problems. It causes harmful abdominal fat.

Chronic stress

Chronic stress is crucial to abdominal fat formation. Your body reacts to stress with hormone changes and more.

You create more cortisol, which tells your body to retain fat. Belly fat is stored most. According to research, prolonged stress increases belly fat.

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