Best Nail Polish Color by Zodiac Sign

Your horoscope also affects your own style and aesthetic choices, from your favorite winter coat to your soul-mate lip color.

Your adventurous personality means you love testing new beauty trends and bright colours, Aries.


Taurus, never leave what you love. Try this gel formula instead of Essie's classic polishes. Following the line never hurts beauty.


Strange Gemini beauty treatment. Split or little. Since you alter lip and cheek colors regularly, choose neutrals. Stylish turquoise complements various skin tones.


New cosmetics that appeal to you emotionally and comfortably are always worth trying. Cherry sweater, cranberry sauce, and fire come to mind.


Leos thrive in strong, explosive hues like this beautiful neon orange. I guarantee it will become your go-to if you rotate it.


A perfectionist like you needs a classic hue like this pure red, Virgo. It helps that it's Tom Ford.



Libras specialise on beauty—a lifestyle. Louboutin nail polishes are great for you since you love luxury and packaging.


Scorpios like gloomy hues yet are always ready to fight. Deep blue gives that "mysterious" sense you adore without being all-black.


If you like beauty science, you want glossy, but not insane, nails. This soft greige will enhance your bare nails and match your outfit.


This dusty mauve was meant for you, Cap. It's not overdone, but it communicates "polished and in charge," which is your style typically.

You're a renegade, Aquarius, therefore you like unusual colors. This shimmering, iridescent violet is excellent for you since it's unique.



While you prefer colors that blend into your surroundings (you're the zodiac's genuine chameleon), Pisces are also willing to try new things. 

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