Best Kids' Toys by Zodiac Sign

Astrology may help you buy toys that reflect your child' inherent interests, which is unique. Look at each sun sign's personality and entertaining toys.

Keep up your stamina with lots of outdoor activity. Aries kids are smart and good at puzzles and games. But since toddlers get frustrated easily, purchase age-appropriate toys.


The bullheaded aurus kid is sensitive and gentle. Taurus is an earth sign, therefore your young Bull loves working in the garden, playing in the park, and hiking. 


Your youngster easily makes friends and excels in social situations because Gemini is the Twins sign. Being two-minded implies she probably has other projects going on.


Moon-ruled Cancerians are moody and sensitive. Your youngster should feel safe with loveys. Cancer children are quiet and tearful, yet they're sweet: 


Your cheerful little lion is ruled by Leo, so expect monster tantrums (your youngster hides their feelings!). You might play with your Leo's theatricality. 


Sharp-witted Virgo kids value accuracy and efficiency. Puzzles and I-spy-it games suit them since they notice details no one else does. 



The Scales of Justice represent Libras, therefore they're naturally peacemakers. Don't give them too many toy selections because weighting them all might slow them down.


Scorpio children are intuitive because Pluto, the subconscious planet, rules them. With his boundless interest, your youngster is a natural investigator and problem-solver.


Beware when your baby Sagittarius walks! Outdoor activity and grime don't scare her. Because Sags are independent, let your child carry a bag full of adventure gear. 


Perfectionist Capricorns love to please their parents. Your kid can be hard on himself. One technique to avoid kid's ripped art project piles? Purchase a dry-erase or chalkboard easel. 

Your tiny Aquarian is prolific. She loves new experiences and has many ideas and initiatives. No worries if your Aquarian child spends hours sculpting clay on the playroom floor—she's disciplined.



You're a snuggly insect! Pisces kids adore cuddling and giving back. Your child is a kind, ancient soul who loves people and pets.

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