Best Bedroom Design for Your Zodiac Sign

The average American sleeps less than the prescribed amount. The majority of Americans have done everything to fall asleep and rest.

Aries have trouble sleeping since they're always conquering. If this fiery sign doesn't channel their energy, they may have restless sleep habits.


“This zodiac sign, known for its love of luxury and pleasure, enjoys a long nap or extra hour of sleep whenever possible.”


“This chatty and impulsive zodiac sign has irregular sleep patterns. Due to late-night texting and emailing, they rarely sleep regularly. 


Cancers may have erratic sleep patterns. Cancers' sleep is strongly related to their inner serenity since they obsess about their changing emotions.


Leos slumber and sleep long. Leos sleep to stay gorgeous and are lazy when possible since they work so hard in the spotlight.


Always a perfectionist, Virgos are the most prone to sleeplessness because they overthink and analyze every aspect.



Libras like unwinding whenever possible. Since Libras are the most social sign, they snuggle and sleep better with others.


Scorpios avoid sleeping because of nightmares and study wall shadows all night. The least likely morning person indication is this one.”


Sagittariuses stay up late viewing memes, laughing at videos, or talking. Whatever the distraction, they don't prioritize sleep as highly as other signals. 


Capricorns know how, when, and where they want to sleep, and if any of those aspects are wrong, anticipate this earthy zodiac sign to be difficult to relax.”

With so much activity inside them, Aquarians focus less on sleep's pleasure and more on its purpose. 



In a mystical world where everything is beautiful, Pisces sleep more than nearly any other sign to escape reality and dance and play.

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