Because They Want to Fly, Here's the Bird for Each Zodiac Sign.

Flying has confused everyone since they imagined being birds. Find your bird by connecting your zodiac sign to each bird species' spiritual meaning!

You captivate others with your flaming soul. Like you, the hawk rules the skies with its fierce independence. The feathered predator is persistent and hardworking.


Taurus, known for beauty and taste! Venus controls love, glamour, and pleasure, which may explain this. Like you, hummingbirds like good food and hard work


Gemini, Polly or cracker? With so many beautiful budgies, the parrot is your feathery sweetheart. Mercury controls you, so you're often curious and chatty.


Cancer, your bird husband, may evoke the old wife's stork tale. Being with the stork makes sense since mythology relates home, family, and motherhood


Leo, you shine brightest. Everybody knows you love attention, especially when you brag. Peacock charisma and confidence match your superstar ambitions.


Virgo, birds are smart, but you need a disciplined partner. The owl represents your strategic thought and precision among possibilities.



Libra, your feathery companion is the flamingo, despite songbirds and cute chicks. Since pink is your hue and balance is your zodiac sign, flamingos are clear.


Scorpio, you never doubt birds! The sleek, brooding raven reflects your secretive, forbidden nature and is your feathered partner. 


The astrological goofball Sagittarius! Your cheerful attitude and energetic energy make you fun to be around.


Aries is what Capricorn wants to rule the sky and get things done. Sharp leadership favors the eagle. This birdhouse lets you be bold and determined. 

Aquarius, there are various birds, but you may have the cuckoo. Remote zodiac signs make you hard to identify. The cuckoo inhabits shadows like you.



The mysterious Pisces water sign is related to the spirit realm. Your otherworldliness draws you to the metaphysical, therefore you need a spiritual bird.

Stay tuned for developments.