Beat Menopausal Belly Fat

It's not inevitable to gain weight beyond 40. Hot flashes, nocturnal sweats, and mood swings are natural, but don't expect the bathroom scale to rise.

Avoid midlife weight gain by exercising intensively.

Try moderate and intense exercise to shed menopausal weight. You should swim, stroll, bike, jog, and strength train.Train with high-intensity intervals now. 

When Possible, Stand Instead than Sit

Stand and pace while on the phone, walk upstairs to talk to a family member instead of texting them, or park farther from the front door to obtain extra steps.

Consume Carbs Carefully

Perimenopausal women should limit sugar. Body turns carbohydrates into sugar. Like candy bars, oats burn slowly but become sugar. Knowing your carb consumption helps long-term.

Tai Chi Reduces Belly Fat

Tai chi reduced belly fat in 50-year-olds with central obesity (weight disproportionally packed in their midsection) as well as aerobic exercise and strength training. 

Manage Portion Size and Eating Habits

Research suggests that menopause slows your metabolism by a couple hundred calories every day. “Weight gain can quickly occur if you don't cut calories,

Eat Healthy Fats to Avoid Weight Gain

Food tastes better with fat, which is healthful. Positively, it's not required or advisable to eliminate it from your diet. Simply become more selective.

Exercise With Friends or Groups

Walk briskly, jog, bike, dance, or swim to burn 400–500 calories most days of the week to lose belly fat and other menopausal weight gain. 

Improve sleep to combat weight gain.

All that time waking up unrefreshed makes you too tired to workout. “Get enough sleep as you age.

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