Avoid These Unlucky Sun Sign Colors

Colours have traditionally been associated with emotions and personality. According to astrology, colors affect luck and fortune.

Flamboyant Aries should avoid blue. Aries' boldness might be dampened by blue, which many find soothing. Choose bold reds and oranges to harness your enthusiasm and vitality.


Grounding Taurus should be cautious with green. Earthy signs may feel green dulls their desire and determination. Instead, use pink and white to relax.


The smart Gemini should shun yellow. Yellow represents creativity and communication, yet it can overwhelm a Gemini's active intellect. Colors like blue and gray improve attention and clarity.


For sensitive Cancers, avoid gray. Gray may make Cancers feel depressed and stagnant, hindering their caring nature. Purify and balance your emotions using silver and white.


Brown should be avoided by the fiery Leo. Brown might dull a Leo's energy and charisma. Instead, wear gold and yellow to show off your royal and cheerful side.


The careful Virgo avoids purple. Purple signifies elegance and spirituality, although Virgos find it distracting during analysis. Shades of green and beige are utilitarian and grounded.



The peaceful Libra should avoid brown. Libras' delicate equilibrium might be upset by brown. Instead, use pink and light blue to feel graceful and harmonious.


Scorpios are alluring and mysterious, making them some of the most intriguing people you'll meet. They might be difficult to understand if you're not used to their easy composure.


Orange is bad for passionate Scorpio. Orange represents inventiveness and excitement, although Scorpios might be overpowered by it. Use dark and deep crimson to enhance your magnetism.


For the daring Sagittarius, black is dangerous. Black can depress Sagittarius' upbeat and free-spirited character. Purple and blue should inspire travel and broaden your horizons.

A realistic Capricorn should avoid red. Capricorns' disciplined minds might be distracted by red's passion and intensity. Choose brown and gray to express stability and expertise.



For dreamy Pisces, avoid black. Black can increase Pisces' emotional sensitivity and overload. Replace it with sea green and lavender to boost your intuition and spirituality.

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