Astrology's kindest to meanest Zodiac signs

The zodiac determines personality. Kindness, rudeness, and social skills depend on zodiac. Rudeness belongs to zodiacs. Some act rudely occasionally, while others usually do. 

Best zodiac sign is Libra. They aim to be pleasant to everyone. The balancers maintain peace. Great leaders are kind to their staff and promote equality.


Being nice makes Pisceans happy. Though nice, they serve others selflessly. They hate negativity because it confuses them. They're usually nice and positive.


Nice Taureans are patient with everything and everyone. They will open a shop door, assist you carry your stuff, and let you depart first.


Aquarians are kind and friendly. They want to know people and have excellent talks. They enjoy new people and want to be buddies.


The Sagittarians work hard to be kind. Free-spirited folks desire to do everything themselves. They avoid unfavorable topics. They desire to love others.


Geminis may be pleasant or nasty depending on mood. Anything bores them easy. Thus, they may act rudely when low. However, they are the friendliest while having fun.



Cancerians can be pleasant, depending on their temperament. When wounded, furious, or offended, they're rude. They are emotional and kind otherwise.


Leos want to be kind in bright light. They are attention seekers, therefore they will want to stay in the spotlight with their lovely behavior. They mean no harm.


Virgos are cruel. Since they dislike confrontation, they might be passive-aggressive. Nice people ignore life's turmoil and enjoy. When kind, people won't notice you.


Aries think it's bad to think. Thus, they will tell you anything regardless of your feelings. Their fierce personality comes from that. The Aries are likewise not scared to fight.  

The Capricorns are more rude. The way they convey emotions may drive people insane. They might be rageful due to their fiery temper.



Scorpios make the worst zodiac signs. If they're unhappy, them behavior will show it. Nobody will hesitate to ignore you.

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